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I stand for you with my Values: Sustainability, Respect, Entrepreneurship, Courage and Curiosity

My CLAVE Method your Key Factor


Book this workshop to strengthen a culture of personal responsibility and build your team’s ability to adapt quickly and navigate change.

Coaching Services

Communication skills are something every single one of us needs to work on – there is always room for improvement.

One of the most important communication skill we practice as leaders is listening. 

Individual Coaching

Your own individual career strategy in just four steps. Do what you love. Do what you are good at. Do something the world needs. Do something you can be paid for.

Engineer to Leader

People with well practiced listening ability are more likely to understand tasks and projects, build strong relationships with employees and co-workers, and are able to better solve problems and resolve conflicts.

Team Alignment

A workshop to support teams to reflect on and ultimately increase their alignment with purpose/goals and team member autonomy. Inspired by Jordi Mauri's model of personal and professional development CLAVE.

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"Durch die strukturierte Moderation und gezielte fragen von Jordi Mauri ist es uns nun viel besser möglich, Konzept-Ideen zu diskutieren und alle relevanten Einzelheiten zusammenzuhalten."
Antonio M.
"Jordi Mauri hat eine einfache Methode entwickelt, um strukturiert Zusammenhänge zu erfassen. Eine äußerst kompakte und zeit-effiziente Innovationsworkshop. ."
Georg M.
Purchasing Engineer
"Eine Investition von nur wenigen Tagen die sich absolut gelohnt hat. Wir kommen immer wieder auf die Konzept-Sichtweise des Kunden zurück um die Entwicklung voran zu treiben."
Gerd H.
Sales Director

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